Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Same Sex Love!

Is it a sin to fall in love with the same sex?
Human sexuality is the totality of the person, his or her thinking, actions, behaviors, feelings, physical, beliefs, culture, and norms. A person's growth and development depend so much on the environment he or she has from the start of his or her life until the present. On the process of the person's discovering his or her own self, crisis will always occur, some of their behavior, some of their physical attributes, some of their preferences, some of their attraction towards others.

History have proven that attraction towards the same sex is a phenomenon, today many people are open minded to this activity and many are involved with it, we called them “HOMOSEXUALS” and “BISEXUALS”.

Groups in local, national, and international evolves initiating to hear their voices, fighting to have “RIGHTS” in the society. Some accept but many condemn them.
For me, falling in love with the same sex is not a sin, in fact we are commanded to love one another. Maybe the activities of the same sex relationships will make a person commit a sin, depending to our beliefs, established norms and cultures. At the end, facing the final judgment is an individual concern.
Don’t judge, everyone is a sinner.

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